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Today, school lockers need to be so much more than they were once required to be. As detailed in the education publication SCHOOL NEWS AUSTRALIA, in 2020 and beyond school lockers are so much more than just a place for students to store their belongings.

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Whether it be increased security measures, more storage space, charging capabilities for electronic devices, or modern aesthetic appeal, today school administrators have a lot more to consider when choosing new school lockers.

At Premier Lockers, we have the widest range of school lockers for sale in Australia (including custom designs). We also have the industry knowledge to understand the best solution for your needs, and the consummate approach to customer service that guarantees that we deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.

Premier Lockers is Australia’s Number One school locker supplier and available METAL, PLASTIC, and LAMINATE finishes.

If you require Custom Made Lockers to suit your particular requirements either contact us directly on 1300 202 557 or EMAIL us your details and drawings.

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Explore the world of school lockers and find the perfect storage solution for your needs.

 Do all high schools have lockers?

No, not all high schools have lockers. The presence of lockers in high schools can vary depending on the school’s design, policies, and available space.

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