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Premier Lockers is the leading supplier of quality kids’ lockers in Australia. We work closely with daycare centres, early childhood learning centres, pre-schools and other organisations in every state and territory in Australia to ensure that they get the kids locker solution that best suits their needs and their budget. For more on all things kids’ lockers, visit our education hub.

Children Lockers - Premier Lockers

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Premier Lockers has a national presence with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We offer site visits for all stages of our relationship with you, including quoting, delivery and installation. We deliver unassembled, fully assembled and ready to kids lockers, and Compactus to ANY street address in Australia.


Kids’ lockers are most commonly found in daycare centres, early childhood learning centres, pre-schools, primary schools, and even in some homes. Investing in kids’ lockers is a fantastic way to organise, secure and keep track of kids’ belongings, while also teaching young children a little about responsibility of their belongings.

But buying lockers for kids is a little different than buying other categories of lockers. It’s typically a little less about style and security, and a little more about ease of use and size. The best kids’ lockers are very easy to use, often with oversized handles and doors that are simple to open for easy access for those with smaller hands. The most popular material for kids’ lockers are plastic lockers and laminate lockers.

Kids Lockeres - Premier Lockers
Kids Lockers - Premier Lockers


If you’re a centre manager, facility manager, or building manager at a daycare centre, early childhood learning centre, pre-school, or primary school, you may have already had experience purchasing kids’ lockers.

Whether you’re in need of lockers for your kids’ room at home, or storage lockers for young kids at day care, pre-school, or even early primary school, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right lockers that entice and excite kids to use them.

We have been providing kids lockers to organisations Australia-wide for many years. View our range of kids’ lockers for sale below. Our end-to-end premium locker service includes design, manufacture, delivery, installation, and maintenance of your new kids’ lockers.

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