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While Premier Lockers offers the widest range of lockers in Australia, we know that sometimes standard off the shelf products just won’t work for some clients. It may be that a client wants a locker solution that offers a suite of features found across a number of our standard lockers

At Premier Lockers we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, we believe in defining, designing, and building the most suitable locker solution that offers everything our clients require of their lockers, and nothing more. Our clients look to us to guide and advise them on custom built lockers that will provide the perfect look, feel, size, and functionality that they need. When you choose Premier Lockers, there’s no need to compromise. Instead, through a custom design you’ll receive the precise locker storage solution that perfectly suits all your needs.

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National reach, local heart

Premier Lockers has a national presence with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We offer site visits for all stages of our relationship with you, including quoting, delivery and installation, which is essential when building custom lockers. We deliver unassembled, fully assembled and ready to install lockers and Compactus to ANY street address in Australia.


When you choose a custom locker solution by Premier Lockers the potential is endless and your locker storage solution truly can be anything you want it to be. Obviously the size and dimensions will be customised to precisely what you want and need them to be, but you’ll also have the freedom to mix and match all other design features. That includes your choice of material, lock style, internal features, and external features.

With a custom locker solution from Premier Lockers you are free to create exactly what you want, with input from our locker experts, who will ensure that your custom lockers are fit for the environment they will placed in and will be able to do everything you need them to do.

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Premier Lockers has many years of experience in conceptualising, designing, building, and installing custom made lockers for a wide range of organisations Australia-wide. In fact, a large quantity of the orders that are placed with us are for custom lockers.

As a result, we know how to work with facility managers, property managers, architects and interior design to ensure that they get the custom locker solution that is perfect for their needs and the needs of those who will use the lockers.

Find out why many organisations periodically upgrade their lockers.


Guy Gibson, General Manager at Woollahra Golf Club, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, was charged with sourcing 153 new lockers for the club. The new lockers would replace well-used steel lockers that had been in use for over two decades. Gibson reached out to Premier Lockers, seeking a custom locker solution that was durable and long-lasting while also being pleasing to the eye. The lockers needed to be able to withstand the presence of moisture and grass/dirt debris, while also delivering an aesthetic that would match the storied history of the club and the expectations of its membership.

Premier Lockers created a custom-designed locker solution that would tick all the boxes. A core part of the consultation process focused on material selection for the new lockers. The need for durability needed to be balanced against the need for a high-end look and feel. Steel lockers were a big part of the discussion due to the durable nature of steel and its waterproof properties. But to deliver the look and feel the facility manager and club members wanted, Premier Lockers advised that laminate lockers with an aesthetically pleasing wood grain finish would be the best solution.

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