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As well as needing to provide secure storage for valuables and important documents and hardware, office lockers also play a key role in enhancing and complementing the interior design aesthetic of the office space they are placed in.

Premier Lockers has been supplying office lockers to a wide range of businesses and organisations throughout Australia for many years. Our comprehensive range of office lockers ensures that we have the right size and right shape office locker in your preferred material to fulfill your specific requirements.

At Premier Lockers we work closely with organisations in every state and territory in Australia to make sure their locker needs are met.

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Premier Lockers has a national presence with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We offer site visits for all stages of our relationship with you, including quoting, delivery and installation. We deliver unassembled, fully assembled and ready to install industrial lockers, and Compactus to ANY street address in Australia.


Lockers are an invaluable addition to any office space, especially where hot-desking is utilised for workers to store their possessions and work requirements when they’re not present in the office.

Office lockers provide workers with peace of mind that their valuables are secure when they are not around, but they also help from a hygiene perspective. When items are secured in a locker they stay clean, and this ensures that germs are not shared around.

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Great looking office lockers will enhance your company’s brand and your interior design with high-quality office lockers. Lockers can be designed and custom manufactured just for your space, or you can choose from a wide range of lockers in a wide range of colours and finish materials.

Organisations spend big on interior design for their offices, and stylish office lockers can be included to enhance, not hinder, that design. Of course, the practical considerations of office lockers need to be considered too.


Premier Lockers supplied Compass Projects with Premier Two Step Steel Lockers that were specifically designed to securely store bags, clothing, documents, laptops, and other small to medium size valuables and items.

“Our office is so much tidier now the staff have somewhere to store their personal belongings. We are really happy with the design of the lockers, the two step storage lockers allowed us to maximise the number of lockers we could fit into our staff room. Premier lockers were competitive on price and the staff were quick to respond.”

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