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Today, high school lockers need to be so much more than they were once required to be. As detailed in the education publication SCHOOL NEWS AUSTRALIA, high school lockers are so much more than just a place for students to store their belongings.

At Premier Lockers, we have the widest range of high school lockers for sale in Australia. We also have the industry knowledge to understand the best solution for your needs, and the consummate approach to customer service that guarantees that we deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.

Premier Lockers is Australia’s number one high school locker manufacturer and available in LAMINATEMETAL and PLASTIC finishes.

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Premier Lockers has a national presence with offices in AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerth and Sydney. We offer site visits for all stages of our relationship with you, including quoting, delivery and installation. We deliver fully assembled high school lockers and offer installation at ANY street address in Australia.


Regardless of where your high school is and how many students your school has, high school lockers for your high school students are an essential facility. While primary school students won’t always need school lockers, and middle school students may use lockers at some schools, when students reach high school, lockers are essential.

At Premier Lockers we offer high quality and durable high school lockers in metal, plastic, and laminate with all the functionality high school students require, and in stylish finishes that will appeal to your students.

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Providing the right lockers in your high school is important for your students due to the role quality high school lockers play in their education. Providing high school lockers that can house a range of equipment and items encourages students to try extracurricular activities.

High school lockers also help school administrators to monitor and manage the use of mobile phones on school grounds during school hours, while also ensuring that other student valuables are kept safe. At Premier Lockers we have the industry knowledge and experience in the education sector to help you determine the high school lockers that will best serve your school and your students. And not only do we manufacture your new high school lockers, but we also deliver, install and service them.


Premier Lockers has worked with many high schools over the years to supply their new lockers. One such high school is Point Cook P-9 College in Melbourne, whose Principal, Mandy O’Mara, noted that:

“Lockers are almost like a rite of passage for students; it’s that symbolic move from Year 6 to Year 7. The investment in lockers is one thing we’ve done to make them feel more like secondary school kids. And I think it’s absolutely worked. I would recommend Premier Lockers to other schools.”

Read our Point Cook P-9 case study now.

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