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Premier Lockers supplies organisations across Australia with the widest range of quality plastic lockers available on the local market. At Premier Lockers we excel at designing, manufacturing, and installing best in class plastic lockers for clients across a wide range of industries. 

We also excel at ensuring that our clients get the precise plastic locker solution that perfectly matches their needs, budget, and timeframe. We do this by working closely with them to learn their needs so that we can not only meet those needs, but exceed them.

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Premier Lockers: National Reach, Local Heart for Quality Plastic Lockers

Premier Lockers has a national presence with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We offer site visits for all stages of our relationship with you, including quoting, delivery and installation. We deliver unassembled, fully assembled and ready to install lockers (including plastic lockers) and Compactus to ANY street address in Australia.


Premier Lockers’ range of plastic lockers are the popular choice for a wide range of organisations due to their unmatched ability to deliver an aesthetically pleasing storage solution for both indoor and outdoor environments while remaining functional and economical.

While certainly cost-effective, plastic lockers available through Premier Lockers don’t look cheap. On the contrary, they present as classy and modern storage solutions that can be created in a wide range of size, colours, and styles, each guaranteed to catch the attention of passers-by.
Plastic lockers are recommended for use anywhere where they won’t be exposed to harsh conditions. While they are sturdy and can handle some rough use, plastic lockers don’t offer the same durability as metal lockers or steel lockers.

Case study: Point Cook P-9 College chooses plastic lockers from Premier Lockers

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In today’s landscape, technical design and manufacturing processes have elevated plastic as the material of choice for lockers in many Australian organizations.

Plastic lockers, available for sale, have gained favor among facility managers and building administrators in various sectors, including education (including early childhood learning), health and fitness (gyms and swimming centers), and recreational facilities such as amusement parks and water parks.

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Jas Singh, of interior design firm Graham Nicholas, raved about Premier Lockers’ service and the installation of a new range of premium OZ Loka 450 Plastic Lockers for sale.

“Thank you, Premier Lockers, for the fantastic service and top-quality product offered to us and our client in South Australia. When we were searching for a locker supplier, we were concerned about high delivery fees to South Australia, but that wasn’t the case with Premier Lockers. They accommodated all our needs and delivered top-notch plastic lockers, satisfying our client and us. I will definitely recommend this company to our clients whenever they require lockers.”

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