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Promoting hygiene in schools and workplaces: When a locker is more than just a storage solution

2020 will go down in history as a stark reminder of the importance of hygiene and the ease with which infections and viruses can spread when the necessary precautions are not taken. If you are a facility manager or a school administrator, ensuring the safety and health and wellbeing of those under your care is now more important – and challenging – than ever.

Storage solutions such as lockers provide more than just a secure space behind a locked door where students or employees can store their belongings before going about their school or working day. They are also a safety solution that can help you protect your students or workforce and contribute to their health and wellbeing while in their daily environment amongst their friends and colleagues

The need for a buffer to protect your people

Even after we recover and move on from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, responsible hygiene practices will remain a key focus for society and communities. One simple yet highly effective way to promote good hygiene in your workplace or school environment is by reducing the number of items that enter the classroom or worksite from outside environments.

While we may not think twice about it, essential everyday personal items that we constantly handle throughout the day, such as our mobile phones, our wallets or purses, and our bags, contribute to the spread of germs. Just think about all the places you’ll place these items throughout the day, spreading whatever germs they may be carrying as you go.

A simple solution for promoting hygiene in schools and workplaces

An instant and easy fix to help facility managers and school administrators reduce the risk of introducing potentially dangerous germs into their closed environments is lockers. Lockers provide a critical safety buffer between the high traffic of busy schools and workplaces and the wider external environment.

By simply placing lockers near the entrance to your facility and mandating that students and employees place all non-essential items that they don’t need frequent access to in the lockers as they enter the premises, you’ll be creating a safety buffer for your people.

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