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In recent months essential services teams across the public sector, from police to ambulance to hospital staff, have been pushed to their limits by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the end of another financial year fast approaches, there has never
been a better time to consider upgrading the work lockers in your facility to ensure that those doing it tough round the clock in essential services have access to, and can safely secure, the equipment they rely on.

Each area of essential services will have their own requirements when it comes to providing storage options for staff. Whether it be for personal property or allocated equipment and uniforms to do their jobs. To help make your search easier, here are some critical things to consider when upgrading staff lockers for your team.

Understand your storage needs

One of the first – and most crucial – things you need to do is understand what your storage needs are. How will your staff use the lockers? While this may seem like an obvious consideration, an in-depth look at the needs of your staff will help shape the solution. Some simple things to consider may be:

  • Will they be used to store personal property or just for uniforms and equipment?
  • Will they be used for heavy duty items?
  • Will they be roughly treated when an emergency arises?
  • Do they need to be light and portable?
  • Where will they be located?

Premier Lockers can help you with these questions. We know how crucial it is to understand user needs, especially within the essential services sector. Together we can identify the good and bad of what your staff are currently using, and then create a custom storage solution to best meet your specific needs.

What type of material will best suit your environment?

Once you have worked out what your storage needs are, you then need to consider the type of material that will suit your work environment. Here are a few materials to choose from.

When plastic is your friend

If you need to upgrade the lockers in change rooms or a wet area of a hospital, moisture damage needs to be considered. Plastic is going to be your best friend here. Our range of plastic lockers are 100 per cent waterproof, making them ideal for environments where water and moisture are present. They also come in a range of colours that help to liven up an area.



Metal lockers

Perhaps you need something that is robust and can take being ‘well-used’? Our huge range of metal lockers is exactly what you need. Given the need to have clean and functional uniforms, a ‘clean and dirty’ locker is set up to separate and securely store and manage clean or dirty uniforms, or help separate casual clothes from work uniforms.

Or maybe you need something for an office that will secure personal and work equipment for easy access? Our personal storage locker range has the capacity to keep everything organised and within reach.


Laminate door lockers

However, you may not need a solution for those on the frontline. Our range of laminate door lockers are perfect for areas where space is at a premium. Able to store small and medium sized items, they are ideal for ‘office’ style environments. These work lockers can securely store bags, clothing documents, laptops and other everyday items needed for work.

A custom fit locker

We have been in this industry for some time and we know that not every solution can be found on the shelf or in a catalogue. As Australia’s number one supplier of Compactus and storage lockers, we also manufacture and supply custom design solutions. We can custom make
a locker solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of your team.

Whether looking for something off the shelf or a custom design, we can help you with an on time and on budget solution. To get your order in before the end of financial year cut-off, contact us today to arrange a time to meet. Or call us directly on 1300 202 557 and speak to one of our friendly staff.