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Choosing the Right Gym Lockers: A Comprehensive Guide

Lockers are more than just storage. They’re a vital part of your gym’s environment, offering convenience and peace of mind to your customers. When selecting gym lockers, it’s crucial to consider your customers’ needs and ensure they have secure storage space. This way, they can focus on working out, knowing their belongings are safe.

Premier Lockers provides a wide range of gym lockers, ensuring you can create the perfect environment for customers and your facility has robust storage solutions for years. In this blog, we’ll provide a helpful guide for choosing the right gym lockers.

What’s your budget?

Although aesthetics, materials, and locking systems are all essential considerations for gym lockers, every decision is defined by your budget. It’s crucial to know how much you have to spend and how to use it effectively to meet or closely match your needs. Lockers are an essential aspect of gym facilities and are built to last. They’re an investment! With this in mind, it’s beneficial to find suppliers that offer a range of lockers, ensuring you have options without going over budget.

Secure locking mechanism

You can’t have a locker without a lock. Well, you can, but it wouldn’t be very safe. When considering which gym lockers are best suited, people often focus on functionality and aesthetics, but the lock is the aspect that provides peace of mind. Premier Lockers offers a range of gym lockers in several shapes and sizes, with padlocks and simple key-locking mechanisms. Whether you’re storing everyday belongings and sweaty gym gear or more expensive items like laptops, our lockers will keep your stuff. 


A gym’s aesthetic says a lot about your brand’s identity and positioning, and your choice of lockers is a significant part of that. People go to the gym to workout and socialise, but they also spend time in the locker room. What does your locker room tell customers about your brand? Everything from size, shape, features, and colour will shape their perception.

Aesthetically, colour is often essential for gyms to stay on brand and provide a more immersive customer experience. To accommodate this, we have plastic lockers in a wide range of colours, helping to align with your company’s branding. 

Consider locker sizes and your environment

Gym lockers can take up a lot of floor space and often define a room’s shape and flow. A common problem is establishing how much locker space you need. You don’t want to waste space with oversized lockers, but you must ensure customers have enough space to store their belongings safely. As a rule of thumb, too much is better than too little, but it’s key to understand your customers’ needs before you purchase.

Additionally, think about the surroundings. Gym lockers experience a fair amount of wear and tear, often being bumped into or having doors slammed. If so, durability should be a priority to maintain their aesthetic and functionality. The same can be said for prioritising style and design to create an aesthetically pleasing space. Fortunately, Premier Locker’s wide range of materials and styles allows our customers to choose the perfect locker to suit their needs without compromising.

What internal/external design features do you need?

Our gym lockers include various internal features, including shelves, hooks, and compartments to keep everyday items and valuables safe. Most gym requirements are pretty simple, but consider what items they may put in a gym locker and how they’ll organise them. For example, customers may have a wet towel or sweaty clothes to store, which they’ll want to separate from other items. Also, don’t forget about ventilation to prevent bad smells and build-up of bacteria.

Although taking care of what goes into lockers is more important, their external features and design can help a lot. By this, we mean that they help you set the tone for storage etiquette and avoid clutter. Do you want flat-topped lockers that allow for larger items to be stored? Would you prefer sloped-top gym lockers that dissuade people from cluttering the space? Questions such as these are worth thinking about and will help you create a space for both you and your customers to be satisfied.

Find your new gym lockers today

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