RiteFit Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks

RiteFit Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks

Brand: Premier Lockers
Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
Availability: In Stock
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RiteFit Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks from Premier Lockers, Australia's leading and trusted RiteFit Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks supplier and manufacturer.

RiteFit combination padlocks are ideal when using a key is not practical. These models have a dial combination that works in a similar fashion to a conventional dial safe lock.
Perfect for school lockers.
Like all RiteFit products, you receive a quality that can be relied upon.
The features include:
Offers the feature of having a standard dial combination padlock with a key override if required
The key override is ideal for lost combinations & in schools if the padlock has to be opened by authority other than the owner
Key blanks are available upon request for the override models. Please note that the padlocks are not supplied with the key for security reasons and need to be ordered seperately.
Has a 48mm round body with an overall height of 70mm and is 19mm thick
The shackle has a 7.7 mm diameter with a 7.9mm diameter end piece on the shackle to prevent the lock from being shimmed open and is made of hardened steel
Has a stainless steel case
Operates on a three number dialling operation
Discount prices available for minimum orders of 50 padlocks.

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