Why choosing new lockers is a sound resolution to make

In spite of any of the claims made by all sides while debating the recent Chancellor’s autumn statement, we all appreciate that times are still tough and finances very tightly controlled. It is no surprise then that buyers are thinking carefully before making any purchases.

Our team here at Premier Lockers are as aware of this as most. We do accept, and are sometimes even asked, that when a purchase of new lockers is to be made there is a question to be asked: can I save money by going for a refurbished option?

Of course, you won’t be surprised that we are going to stoutly defend and vigorously promote our range of quality metal, steel, storage, and other new lockers. We are also reminded of a famous quote from the renowned Victorian social thinker John Ruskin: “When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything”.

Our raft of prices are keenly checked to make sure the first part of his statement doesn’t apply. It’s the second half that struck a chord with us. We know that there is often a reduced initial outlay if you opt for a refurbished product. Longer term (and not necessarily that much longer) problems often arise. There may be no warranty to cover subsequent damage, it’s likely that a series of replacement parts will be needed – often on a piecemeal and therefore more expensive basis. It’s also likely that some initial work will be required to bring them up to the standard you expect and make them fully ready for use, and it may be quite difficult to source the requisite number of same, or broadly similar, configurations.

All of the above add, and can continue to do so, to the initial – seemingly lesser – cost. On the other hand, selecting from our huge range of quality new lockers, manufactured to Australian standards and supported with a powerful manufacturer’s warranty, makes increasing sense. Of course, we are also happy to discuss quantity discounts for orders of more than ten with you.

One of our team said recently that a refurbished locker was like a cheap Christmas tree. It looks great at the time, but when you really need it to be at its best, it tends to fall apart and much misery ensues. Not all of our people are as poetic as this, but we do know that being resolved in 2015 to purchase the quality of new locker your environment needs, helps avoid that later disappointment. Season’s greetings!

Laminate lockers give the look you want and security you need

You’ve worked hard to cultivate the right image for your workplace, and you’re worried that offering staff lockers would ruin that. There’s no need to be concerned, though. You simply need to look beyond the metal lockers you’re used to.

Laminate Lockers are a great choice when you’re worried about the aesthetics of having staff lockers. Offering the security of a normal locker, they have a Laminate door that gives an attractive, upscale look to your secure storage. This makes Laminate lockers perfect for any location where metal just wouldn’t look right.

This also means that you can offer staff lockers, or even lockers for public use, without the need to hide them away in a back room. Instead, they can be left visible without the worry that they’ll be an eyesore.

Laminate lockers don’t just have to be for personal possessions, either. They offer secure storage that is great for many office environments. With different sizes and configurations available, you can have the secure storage you need, whether it’s for sensitive files, highly priced equipment, or anything else that you want protected. What you don’t have is secure storage that looks industrial or out of place.

With Laminate lockers, you also have the benefit of knowing that your belongings are protected like they would be in any other locker. The internal steel carcass is strong and built to last. You can also choose between a standard lock with a key or a digital combination lock. The latter can be a great choice for an office environment where multiple users will need to access the same lockers.

Laminate lockers can give your office a bespoke storage look that will impress anyone who visits. With different Laminate finishes available, you can find a Laminate locker style that fits in with the rest of your office décor. They can also be built to fit your space exactly, meeting your needs while still keeping the overall look you want for your office. This is great if your line of business requires a great first impression!

Lockers are a fantastic addition to any workspace, whether as a way of keeping employee belongings safe and out of the way or as a secure storage for sensitive or important items. Lamiante lockers give you all of this without losing any of the appearance you want for your office.

Go Minimalist With Our Contemporary Lockers

Lockers have moved on a lot since the days when a locker was an unattractive, battered, old looking metal box that was kept in a room behind closed doors.  Today lockers come in a wide range of sizes, vibrant colours and trendy finishes.  And as well as providing a practical and lockable storage space, they can also really add to the interior and ‘look’ of your office, gym or workplace.  That’s why at Premier Lockers, we have introduced a range of sleek Contemporary lockers.

Our brand new Contemporary locker range would suit any environment that would like a clean cut and minimal feel. Contemporary lockers keep things simple while looking chic at the same time.  Our Contemporary metal lockers are available from a single door to six door option.  The Contemporary Locker will stand out in any modernized office space or contemporary gym changing room.  You can choose from a matching white frame, or go bold with a black or silver contrasting frame, both of which look very smart.

Our Contemporary lockers are the ideal choice if you require storage but want a locker that looks really stylish. Contemporary Lockers would really impress a potential client or fit into a workplace such as dental surgeries, vet or pharmacists who want to keep their colour scheme minimal.

If you would like to order any of our Contemporary lockers then visit the products section of our website.  Or you can speak to our friendly sales team on 1300 202 557 who are able to give any advice and take your order over the phone.

5 types of lockers to install in your school

School Lockers have been a feature of educational establishments for many decades, helping to keep belongings safe and ensure that students aren’t carrying too many things in their bags. Nowadays, however, there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Lockers for schools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to consider how lockers will be used before you buy school lockers for students.

The common room

School common rooms typically include row after row of standard types of lockers, with one for every student. These need to be big enough to store belongings such as books and gadgets, but small enough that you can fit a locker in the room for each and every pupil. Whether you choose plastic lockers or metal lockers, you might also want to select a variety of different colours if you have different school houses or teams.

The exam hall

You can guarantee that almost every school student is now carrying a mobile phone. Some pupils feel uncomfortable leaving their phones in their main locker when they’re not in the area, which is why small types of lockers (or personal effects lockers) make a valuable addition to any school hall or gymnasium. Students entering exam conditions can be asked to switch off their mobile phone and store it in a locker, where it’s comfortably in view but can’t cause disruption or be used for cheating.

Gym lockers

You’ll want to provide separate types of lockers in gym changing rooms, so that pupils can store their clothes and valuables before participating in sport. Wet area lockers are ideal in poolside locations.

Post lockers

Allow students to deliver work outside of your usual class hours by installing post lockers. Students can drop their essays into your post locker where they’ll be secure until you’re ready to collect them.

Laptop lockers

Many schools now provide laptops for students to use during their lessons. Keep these secure when they’re not in use by installing laptop lockers in classrooms. Some laptop lockers feature integrated charging facilities so that laptops can be taken out with a full battery whenever they’re needed.