Powered Laptop Lockers

Powered Laptop Lockers

Brand: Premier Lockers
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
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Powered Laptop Lockers from Premier Lockers, Australia's leading and trusted Powered Laptop Locker supplier and manufacturer.

We have warehouses in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Whether you are metro or regional we can deliver Powered Laptop Lockers to your door at competitive rates. 

Premier Lockers have developed a powered locker to charge portable devices.

Available with either TUF (Twin USB Fast) or TUF and GPO (General Power Outlet) charging facility.

Charging Features
Safe - All outlets are protected by a built-in RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection).
Fast - TUF charges any device up to 4 times faster than a USB PC port.
Intelligent -  TUF identifies each device and charges them at the optimum rate.
Powerful - TUF supplies 2.3 amps for maximum charge.
Green - TUF is 10 times more efficient when in standby mode.

Three Locker Types
* Each locker has a key locking base compartment which contains a charging pixel & RCBO.

* Every compartment has its own charging pixel (either USB or USB/GPO).

Unit 1. Open Locker - 10 individual charging compartments above the base compartment.

Unit 2. Two Door Locker - Same as Open Locker except for a single lockable door which secures all 10 charging compartments.

Unit 3. Eleven Door Locker - Above the base compartment are 10 separate charging compartments each with their own lockable door.

Locker Features
Welded frame provides strength and stability.
Perimeter door surround, prevents door from being forced inwards.
Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength.
180 degree opening door.
Door ventilation.
Powder coat finish.

Lifetime - Locker.
1 Year - Electrical components

Colour Options


Lemon Yellow


Safety Orange


Orange X15


Flame Red


Blaze Blue


Dark Violet






Ocean Mist


Anotec Grey


APO Grey


Light Grey




Notre Damn




Black Satin


Black Matt


Doe Skin


Canola Cream


Moss Vale Sands




Rivergum Beige


Horizon Blue




Pommel Blue




Anotec White


Off White


White Satin


Pearl White


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