Compactus Mechanical Mobile Shelving


Premier Lockers is the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality Compactus Mechanical Mobile Shelving.

APC Ezi-Drive® AT Compactus Mobile Shelving System represents the ultimate refinement in high density storage. Users can effortlessly move bays with the Ezi-Drive® wheel while the discreet anti-tilt mechanism distributes the load weight evenly so each bay remains stable whilst being moved. Ezi-Drive® AT Compactus Mobile Shelving bays are available in various heights and configurations.

Key Features and Benefits
Designed to be wheelchair friendly via the low profile aluminium track
Each console is lockable for added security
Ezi-Drive wheel allows for effortless bay movement
AT units can be reconfigured or relocated easily to suit the changing office environment
50kg to 100kg UDL shelf capacity
Maximum standard system width up to 2700mm
Shelves can be adjusted in 25mm increments
Available in a variety of height and width combinations
Quality Colourbond® finish
3 year product warranty

Compactus Mechanical Mobile Shelving from Premier Lockers, Australia’s leading and trusted Compactus Mechanical Mobile Shelving supplier and manufacturer.

Compactus Track Length:

  • Please specify space available (Tracks are made to order)

Compactus Bay Height:

  • 1875H
  • 2175H
  • 2375H

Compactus Bay Width:

  • 750W
  • 900W
  • 1000W
  • 1200W
  • 1500W
  • 1800W
  • 2000W
  • 2400W

Compactus Bay Depth:

  • 300D
  • 400D
  • 450D
  • 600D

Site Visit, Delivery & Installation:

  • Site Visit Required
  • Delivery Only
  • Delivery & Installation

Colour Chart

Silver Grey

White Satin