Compactus Electric Mobile Shelving

Compactus Electric Mobile Shelving

Brand: Premier Lockers
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
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Brownbuilt CompakMax Electric was the first computer controlled mobile storage system to be developed in Australia.

With simple push-button operation and the latest technical developments, CompakMax Electric represents the most sophisticated mobile storage system in Australia.

CompakMax Electric systems can be configured with a wide range of shelving designs from Light Duty RUT through to Heavy Duty shelving.

Operator safety is of prime importance with CompakMax Electric and a number of safety systems are available.

Standard & Optional Features

Safety Stop Flaps
Electronic Aisle Lock
Optional Safety Buzzer
LED Status Indicators
Optional Cantilevered Lighting
Broad Range of Shelving Options
CompakMax Electric is compliant with all current applicable legislation, including:

AS 3000-1991 Wiring Code
AS 1775-1986 Conveyor Code
AS 1534-1985 Electrical Equipment of Industrial Machines Code
AS 4024-1996 Safeguarding of Machinery Code
Work Cover

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